Corinth is located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains on the banks of the Hudson River. It was founded in 1818 as a result of - click for larger image commerce on the Hudson River. 

Commercial use of the Hudson at Corinth dates to the 1770s when timber from the Adirondacks was sent downriver to sawmills at Glens Falls and further south. The cut logs were carried around the large waterfall that was then known as Hadley's Falls. In the early 1800s, the waterfall was harnessed to generate power for sawmills, woolen mills, and grist mills. Businesses were established, and a small community developed. By 1810, there were between thirty and forty sawmills in town. 

Today, Corinth is a picturesque, rural community of approximately 6,300 residents and 97 square miles. Its major employers are small service businesses, handcrafted furniture and gifts, restaurants, retail shops, health and beauty salons, the school district, campgrounds, and inns. Many residents commute to work in nearby cities such as Glens Falls (13 miles), Saratoga Springs (13 miles), Schenectady (36 miles), and Albany (50 miles). 

Corinth boasts myriad outdoor activities and claims to be the Snowshoe Capital of the World because it is home to the United States Snowshoe Association, the lead governing body for the sport of Snowshoe Racing in the USA.

The Great Sacandaga Lake is located 15 minutes north of Corinth. Hunt, Jenny, and Efner Lakes are also located on the northern boundary of town. On the southern end of town are the Brookhaven Golf Course and Country Club and the Ulysses S. Grant Cottage, where General Grant, the 18th president of the United States, wrote his memoirs and later died. The town and village of Corinth cooperatively operate a public beach called Pagenstetcher Park, and a boat launch/picnic area on the lower Hudson River. 

The Town of Corinth, the Youth Commission, the school district, and the Corinth Free Library sponsor many programs for the children and adults of the community. Programs include: youth hockey, boxing, wrestling, Little League, PeeWee Football, soccer, basketball, ski program, summer playground and field trips, swimming lessons, and much more. 

Corinth is centrally located between New York City, Montreal, and Boston, as well as recreational areas of the Adirondacks, Vermont, and Massachusetts.