Free and Reduced Meals


Corinth Central School is pleased to announce that all enrolled students will receive free meals through an extended waiver from the USDA.  Free meals for students were extended to December 31, 2020, or until program funds have been exhausted. (You will be notified if that date is before 12/31/2020.) We are offering Breakfast in the Classroom for grades K-8. A signup sheet will need to be returned to the cafeteria for the student to receive meals each morning. This will help us maintain consistent numbers to prepare for. High School students will be offered a breakfast meal upon entering each morning at our Grab-n-Go Cafe in the High School lobby.

***It is still very important to submit a Free & Reduced meal application so your student's eligibility status does not lapse when meals go back to regular student pricing.***

Free and Reduced Meals     

Children need to eat healthy meals in order to learn. With today’s economy and some households enduring financial stress, it is nice to know that your children may be able to eat nutritious meals at school for free or at a reduced price. All you have to do is fill out the 2020-21 Free and Reduced Meal application [PDF]  and return it to:

    Mrs. Lisa Tevendale, Cafeteria Manager
    105 Oak Street
    Corinth, NY 12822
    (518) 654-9005 x3114

The application is available in languages other than English, just let us know. We can also help you fill out the form if you need it.

You do not have to worry about anyone knowing how much your children pay for breakfast or lunch; it is confidential. Our TITAN School Solution system allows students to enter their student ID numbers to pay for meals, so no one knows if their meals are free, reduced rate or full-priced.

Who is eligible for free meals?

  •     All children in households receiving benefits from food stamps, the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, or TANF
  •     Foster children who are under the legal responsibility of a foster care agency or court
  •     Any foster care child in the household
  •     Children who meet the definition of homeless, runaway, or migrant (if you haven't been told your children will get free meals, please call the Middle School Principal & Director of Special Education, Homeless Liaison/Migrant Coordinator at 654-9005 x 3420 to see if they qualify)
  •     Children whose gross household income on the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines (see PDF at the bottom of this page) are within the free limits

Who is eligible for reduced price meals?

  •     Children whose gross household income on the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines (see PDF at the bottom of this page) are within the reduced price limits

Important Notes

  •     You have to apply for free or reduced meals every year before September 30th
  •     You may apply at any time during the school year if the household income drops below the income limit
  •     The information you supply will be checked, and we may also ask you to send written proof
  •     You or your child(ren) do not need to be U.S. citizens to qualify for free or reduced price meals
  •     If you disagree with the school's decision about your application, you may request a hearing by writing to Mrs. Susan Foley, 105 Oak Street, Corinth, NY 12822