Our Middle School and High School teachers are using an exciting tool for parent communication called eSchoolData Parent Portal! Through the Parent Portal a student's grades, attendance, and discipline can all be viewed in a very timely fashion by parent(s)/guardian(s).  In order to start using this tool, please follow the steps below. 

Instructions to Access the eSchoolData Parent Portal

  1. Log onto the Internet using this secure site

  2. To establish a parental/guardian portal account, click on the first bullet on the home page that says “First time here? Click here to create a new account”

  3. Enter the required information on the Account Information Screen. You will need: Mailing address, primary phone, student’s name, student's grade for current year, and student’s ID number. Data must be entered the way it appears on the child’s records.

  4. Complete the required information on the Student Information Screen, click “ADD student to above list” and “Finish Registration” buttons

  5. A message will display confirming that the parent portal registration has been successful and an activation email will be sent from the school district to the parent/guardian’s email. Please allow 3-5 business days for verification.

NOTE: When you log in, you will have to agree to the Terms of Use each time. You will then be able to see your children registered in the district. Then, by clicking ON your child’s name, you will be able to see district approved data relating to your child.

NOTE: A copy of the Student Management System User Guide for both the Student and Parent Portal are available in the Middle School Office and will also be offered at the 2013 Middle School Open House.

Questions or Concerns? Please email us!