Academic Intervention Services

The goal of our district is to prepare and present a quality academic experience for all of our students. In an attempt to meet the varying needs of our students, Corinth Central School District is implementing an Academic Services Program, which is reviewed annually.

Corinth CSD AIS PLAN - Copy available from any school principal

What are Academic Intervention Services?
Academic Intervention Services are:

  • Additional educational experiences required by NYSED
  • Designed to support students as they work toward the State's higher learning standards
  • Intended to help students meet expected levels of performance on State mandated assessments.

What types of services are offered?
Academic Intervention Services include the following student support services:

  • Additional instruction in English Language Arts and Math from K-12
  • Additional instruction in Social Studies and Science for students in grades 4-12
  • Various counseling services when those services are required to improve academic performance

Who is eligible for these services?

  • All students, including those with disabilities, are eligible to receive these services if they meet the district established entrance criteria

Does my child have to receive AIS?

  • Yes, because this is a mandated program, if your child has been identified as a student that requires AIS, he/she must participate in the program. However, there are multiple ways for AIS to be provided. If you are concerned about your child's AIS services, contact your principal to discuss 

How do we identify the students who will receive these services?
Teachers will review student progress by examining the following:

  • Daily classroom performance
  • Testing results
  • Report card grades
  • Input from other teachers and/or parents  

A student will be placed in the program if he/she has:

  • Failed to meet the expected level of performance on a State mandated assessment
  • Demonstrated a skill that places the student at risk of not passing a State mandated assessment 

The following are State mandated assessment:

  • English Language Arts and Math for grades 3 through 8
  • Science for grades 4 and 8
  • Social Studies for grades 5 and 8
  • Technology for grade 8 (not an AIS supported course)
  • Regents exams at the high school level in the areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies

How long will a student continue to receive these services?

  • The student will receive the support until he/she is able to pass a state mandated assessment and/or demonstrate a skill level that is equal to the State's expected level of performance

How will the school keep parents informed?
Communication between school and home will be a very important part of the program. The communication plan includes the following pieces:

  • An entry letter to parents that briefly explains the student's needs and program
  • A letter explaining any modification of services for the student
  • Quarterly progress reports included with school report cards
  • An exit letter to parents that acknowledges the student's progress

Additionally parents and/or teachers may request a conference, at anytime during the year, to discuss items of concern.

What can parents do to support the program?

Parent support will certainly add to the success of the program. If your child is placed in the program, please try to:

  • Be as positive and supportive as possible
  • Communicate with your child's teachers
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best and to demonstrate effort and pride
  • Motivate your child by praising his/her accomplishments
  • Practice the skills being worked on in school at home
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