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Alumni Spotlight for 2018-19

Blake Saunders

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For the week of October 15, we are featuring 2008 alumnus, Blake Saunders. Blake recently visited Mrs. Fay's Business Classes as a guest speaker, sharing his knowledge and expertise to enrich the course curriculum.

Following graduation from CHS, Blake earned his Bachelor's Degree in American History from SUNY Albany while also becoming a fitness trainer during his undergraduate years. After an injury derailed his military plans, he investigated other career paths before enrolling in Albany Law School in 2015. 

While in law school, he participated in the school's community development program, giving legal advice to entrepreneurs. He was also captain of the rugby team! He is very proud of the contributions to the community that the rugby team made, including many charitable donations. Blake decided to pursue his MBA while simultaneously attending law school. He will take the bar exam in February and join the firm, Couch White, LLP in Albany, focusing on corporate and environmental law. 

When asked about his CCSD days, Blake responded, "My favorite memories from high school are most definitely the classes that I was able to take with Mr. Badaszewski and Mr. Baker. They understood my passion for history and pushed me to excel. Eventually, my love for history put me on the path to law school."

His hobbies include continuing to play rugby, spending time with high school friends, Tyler K. and AJ A, and his fiance Skylar.

Plans for the future include practicing law, pursuing a PhD and possibly becoming a professor.

In addition to sharing his law and business knowledge with our CTE students, Blake shared a message of determination, perseverance and striving for one's dreams as critical to one's success. Reflecting on his personal experiences, he reminded students that life does not always go according to plan. It is vital to regroup, set new goals and work hard to achieve them.

Congratulations to Blake Saunders, CCSD alumnus, on his success and many thanks to him for making time for our students in support of our district goals.

Brooke Lacy

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For the week of October 9, we are recognizing Brooke Lacy.

Brooke was recently a special guest speaker for our Project Based Learning and Psychology students. Brooke is an alumna of Corinth High School that graduated in June of 2012. Brooke is an exceptional human being who has overcome a vast amount of obstacles in her life. She was born with a genetic disease known as Phocomelia, which means that she is missing both of her arms and a leg. Brooke is an amazing example of what strength of character and determination in life can lead to. Doctors told Brooke’s parents that she would never write, go to school, or learn any of the skills required to become a functioning adult. Brooke has far surpassed all these early expectations. Not only has she graduated from Corinth High School with a Regents Diploma, but she has also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from SUNY Plattsburgh and is currently employed by the Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center.

Brooke shared her life story with our students and demonstrated how she navigates daily life. Brooke engaged students in activities which required them to write and text with their toes so they could personally experience the obstacles she faces on a daily basis. Brooke is a living example of how anyone can achieve their dreams regardless of any perceived obstacles that stand in the way. Brooke taught our students about the power of their mindset when it comes to achieving goals and pursuing the life that they desire.

This visit also provided our students with the opportunity to ask questions and speak openly about the struggles people with disabilities face. The community of Corinth is blessed to have had this opportunity to inspire our young people with our very own local hero Brooke Lacy.

Check out a few photos of Brooke's visit and her interactions with our students.

Thank you so much to Brooke for joining us and for Mrs. Lum and Mrs. Pita (PBL teachers) for making this meaningful guest visit possible.

Lindsey Bedell and Mike Bedell

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This week, we are featuring our own elementary teacher, Mrs. Lindsey Bedell, and her husband, Saratoga County Deputy, Mike Bedell!

Mrs. Bedell is a 2008 alumna of CCSD! She continued her education at Adirondack Community College and SUNY Plattsburgh, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She currently teaches 3rd grade, advises Student Council and is the elementary Dean of Discipline. Before earning her full time position at CES, she did multiple long-term leave positions and was a preschool teacher.

When asked about her favorite school memory, Mrs. Bedell responded: "I will always remember how my first grade teacher made me feel. She made me feel important, confident, special and valued. Because of Mrs. Klingbeil, I have always made it my goal to make my students feel the same way. Some of my other favorite memories from school are spirit week, Battle of the Classes, prom, senior trip and so much more."
Her hobbies include camping, vacations, family dinners, hiking, taking walks, and sitting around a fire and making s’mores. Her future plans: "I’m excited to continue to discover the many ways I can make an impact on kids within my job. I love watching our son, Lawson grow and learn new things on a daily basis."

Deputy Michael Bedell is a 2006 alumnus! Following graduation, he continued his education at the Corrections Academy and Police Academy. Before earning his current position with the Saratoga County Sheriff's Department, Mr. Bedell was a Corrections Officer. A favorite career highlight has been patrolling Corinth, especially our school district, seeing past teachers and students in our community. He fondly recalls playing football, weightlifting and running track during his high school years. His hobbies include building furniture, fixing things around the house, camping and hiking.

Mr. and Mrs. Bedell live in Corinth with their 2 year old son, Lawson. We are fortunate to have them in our community!