On November 17, 2022. The New York State Education Department released a memorandum prohibiting the use of Indigenous names,  mascots or logos by public schools.  This process must begin by July 1, 2023 and be completed by June of 2025.  Failure to comply with this mandate could result in loss of state aid and/or removal of school officials.

As our district navigates this change, we want to ensure that our students, staff, alumni and community are involved.  Therefore, we have created the following survey (below) to seek your input on a new name for our mascot.  The district will use your responses to establish a list for our students who will ultimately make the final decision.  When recommending a name, please keep in mind that we want to keep our traditional orange and black school colors.  Thank you for your feedback!  #Corinth is Community

School Mascot Survey