Bus Behavior

Know the Rules of Proper Behavior on Corinth Central School District buses.

  1. The driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus. Pupils must obey the driver promptly and courteously.
  2. There is to be no tobacco, tobacco products or alcohol allowed on the bus.
  3. Pupils should be at their stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time; the bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.
  4. Pupils should not stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus. All pupils should wait for the bus off the traveled portion of the road. Students should wait in an orderly manner and never push a fellow student.
  5. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.
  6. Proper behavior is expected at all times.
  7. Pupils must not throw waste paper or rubbish on the floor of the bus.
  8. Pupils must ask permission to open windows, they must not at any time, extend arms or head out of the bus window.
  9. Pupils must not move about while the bus is in motion.
  10. When leaving the bus, pupils must observe the directions of the driver. If you cross the road, wait for the driver to show you the universal crossing symbol.
  11. Any damage to buses is to be reported at once to the driver.
  12. The use of cell phones on the bus is prohibited.
  13. Bus riding is a privilege, not a person's right.

Penalty for violating these rules: the student will be reported to the school principal who may deny the pupil the privilege of riding on the bus.


The Danger Zone is a 10 foot area around the bus. The bus driver can't see you when you are in the danger zone. If the bus starts moving while you are in the danger zone, you could get dragged under the bus.