Capital Project

Capital Project Addresses Health, Safety Concerns
On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, residents of the Corinth Central School District approved a Capital Improvement Project that will address safety and aging infrastructure.

The New York State Education Department requires each school district to perform a five-year building condition survey. The architect firm of Clark Patterson Lee completed Corinth’s building condition survey in the fall of 2015. Areas that were identified in this survey, as well as other needed improvements, are included in this capital project. Here are the highlights of this proposed project:

New Bus Garage • Saratoga Avenue

  •     Purchase 7-acre lot adjacent to the cemetery
  •     Build a new bus garage with additional space for the grounds department
  •     Construct a pole barn storage facility for bus storage

Corinth project

Old Bus Garage • Ash Street

  •     Demolish the old garage after new building is finished
  •     Divide into two building sites for homes
  •     Sell the lots for new homes

Elementary School • Center Street

  •     Replace boilers and distribution pumps
  •     Replace flat roof over entrance
  •     Repair and replace asphalt in parking lots
  •     Build a new steel storage building

Middle School and High School • Oak Street

  •     Replace roof over auditorium
  •     Replace windows in Middle School
  •     Replace windows in High School
  •     Resurface tennis courts
  •     Repair and replace asphalt around the entire complex
  •     Remove folding gym partitions

Corinth project


The total cost of this capital project is $12,740,000. Of this amount, the majority will receive State Aid of 78.6%. We do know that a couple things in the project will not receive aid because they are not classified as necessities. These are the storage building at the Elementary athletic fields and the pole barn at the new bus garage for the storage of buses. The projected local share is $3,700,000. This amount will be financed with bonds and reserve funds.

The time between the approval in May and when the project would be complete and ready to bond will be at least two years. During this time, the district will be able to put aside some money in a Reserve Fund. Also during this time the district will have an old bond paid off, so when the new bond begins, taxpayers could experience a minimal increase to the tax levy, depending on the amount in the capital reserve and the final cost of the project.


Please click on the PDF below for more information.

Corinth project


Corinth project


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