Grade 4

Welcome to 4th Grade

Our 4th Grade Teachers Are:

Larry Deso

Tina Fuller

Phil Fuller

Scott Sprague


Grade 4 Curriculum     


In ELA class, we teach spelling, reading, writing, grammar, and reinforce phonics. Our curriculum is constantly evolving, and we provide students with rich literary experiences, utilizing a variety of sources, with a more recent focus on reading and understanding non-fiction. We cannot stress enough the importance of students reading at home for approximately 20-30 minutes every day (this is daily homework in addition to math and spelling). Please monitor their reading, and ask them questions about their books. Show an interest in what they are reading, and they will be more inclined to take an interest in reading themselves. Have “Book Talk” with your kids at home. Talk about the books you are reading which will, in turn, get them excited about their own books. There is a three-day NY state assessment students are required to take in this academic area.


The math curriculum is most certainly continuously evolving. There is a focus on quality of instruction, rather than the quantity of it. In other words, students receive instruction on fewer math concepts, but are expected to have a much deeper understanding of the content. Our math series “Go Math” is still in its infancy, but is aligned with the shifts in math instruction being required by New York State. Your child’s teacher should be setting up a system whereby you’ll be able to access many of the same “Go Math” materials from your home computer… this is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with the way in which we present information to the students at school so that you can help at home in a way that is familiar to your child. There is a three-day NY state assessment students are required to take in this academic area as well. Please help your child the best you know how with their homework. If you do not understand something, that’s ok! But please contact us, so that we can guide you through the best way to help your child at home. Again, we’re all lifelong learners, and we rely on your support at home!!!


We have developed an engaging science curriculum, which covers animal adaptations, ecosystems, weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes and weathering and erosion. We also teach about electricity, magnetism, and heat, sound and light energy. We are fortunate to have a science lab and the children become familiar with hands -on science activities and the investigation of science concepts. Again, 4th graders are tested by NYS in science in June, both written and performance tests.

Social Studies

We start with a Native American unit, the Dutch influence, French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution with a heavy emphasis on the Erie Canal, the Civil War and even local history. Students seem to like these topics. We enhance the units with activities, skits, power point presentations and even enrich the units by reading chapter books that bring the history alive.