Homework Policy Grade 3

Third Grade Homework Policy

Third graders should expect on average 20-30 minutes of homework each night.  This may be less or slightly more at times due to preparation for assessments and tests, absences, or unfinished work from the school day. 

It should be understood that third grade is a transitional year, and the adjustment to a higher work load and increased expectations are often noticeably different from second grade. 

As the school year begins, your child will need your help and guidance in completing tasks, time management, and preparation for assessments.  Please monitor their assignments and encourage their completion with neatness and quality effort.


Below are lists of assignments that can be expected:

  • Completion of classroom independent reading assignments-ie., weekly logs, Book It, or as assigned by the classroom teacher.
  • Math homework should be expected Monday-Thursday. It is assigned to reinforce skills and strengthen the student’s foundation in mathematics.
  • Spelling homework should also be expected Monday-Thursday.  Typical weekly assignments include ABC order, words written 3X each, words used in sentences, and test preparation. Spelling tests are given weekly.
  • Students are expected to study for tests and assessments as directed by classroom teachers. Teachers provide study guides and other resources to help children study and prepare for assessments



Students will use agenda books to record assignments and write down important dates.  Please ask to see your child’s agenda book to stay informed on assignments and test dates.  This is an excellent organizational piece that will help children manage their assignments and their time.