Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten program is directly aligned with the Common Core Standards for New York State. 


Phonics Skills

Letter Identification: Capital and lowercase letters (A-Z and a-z)

Letter Sounds

Short Vowel Sounds, a, e, i, o, u

Beginning Sounds of Words

Ending Sounds of Words

Using Vowels in the Middle of Words

Identifying Similar Initial Sounds

Blending Phonemes to Read Words

Digraphs:  sh, ch, th


Skills Taught

Phonemic Awareness

Concepts of Print

Phonics/Decoding Skills and Decoding Longer Words

High Frequency Words/Spelling/Vocabulary

Comprehension Skills and Strategies

Reading Fluency

Information and Study Skills

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

Writing Process



High Frequency Words

Unit 1-

I                  like               the               and    

Unit 2-

see               we               a                  to

Unit 3-

come            me               with              my               you              what            

are               now

Unit 4-

is                 how              of                so                many            where          

this              find               from             come            but               on               

will               be                into              that             your              who             

go                for               here              they             soon             up

Unit 5-

make            play              them             give              say               new             

said              good             was              then             ate               could            

she               all                over              her               when             some           

no                he                away             must             there             by

Unit 6-

down             do                went             only              little              just             

have             help               one              every            ask               walk            

look              out                very             their              saw              put

off               take              our               day               show             too



Chapter 1- Represent, count and write numbers 0 to 5

Chapter 2- Compare numbers to 5.

Chapter 3- Represent, count and write numbers 6 to 9.

Chapter 4- Represent and compare numbers 0 to 10.

Chapter 5- Addition facts within 10 and fluency within 5.

Chapter 6- Subtraction facts within 10 and fluency within 5.

Chapter 7- Represent, count and write numbers 11-19.

Chapter 8- Represent, count and write numbers 20 and beyond including counting to 100 by tens and ones.

Chapter 9- Geometry including circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon and position words.

Chapter 10- Identify and describe three-dimensional shapes including cone, cylinder, sphere, and cube.

Chapter 11- Measurement- comparing length, weight and height.

Chapter 12- Classify objects by color, shape, size and sorting data on a graph.

Further details for each unit will be provided throughout the school year.

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to our Kindergarten Math Guide Book.  This guide book will be a helpful resource for parents and students. 


Social Studies     


In kindergarten, students study "Self and Others".  This course is organized into five units of study.

1- Individual Development and Cultural Identity

2- Civic Ideals and Practices

3- Geography, Humans and the Environment

4- Time, Continuity and Change

5- Economic Systems

Each unit helps students study themselves in the context of their immediate surroundings. Students will learn about similarities and differences between children, families and communities and about holidays, symbols, and traditions that unite us as Americans.  Students learn about respect for others, and rights and responsibilities of individuals.  


Science    flowerimage 

Science is everywhere and our students are naturally curious, which makes them natural scientists. We are in the process of developing a science curriculum that is aligned with the common core learning standards for NYS.