School Supply List
  • 5 boxes of CRAYOLA crayons in 8, 16, or 24 count- we have found that Crayola works best as the other brands are waxy
  • 6 black dry erase markers
  • 1 student size backpack—NO WHEELS
  • 4 Elmer’s glue sticks
  • 1 container of wipes
  • 1 dozen pencils (we prefer the Ticonderoga brand)
  • 1 pair of scissors (Fiskars brand works best)
  • 1 box of ziploc bags (boys provide gallon size bags- girls provide sandwich size bags)

**All school supplies are shared so there is no need to write your child’s name on any of the supplies.** We will inform you during the school year if supplies are running low. THANK YOU!



              graphic of a pair of scissors