Supply List Grade 5

Fifth Grade Supply List

These are supplies students need to help them to be successful in Grade Five.  Many items need to be re-supplied throughout the year.

The following supplies are required:

  • #2 pencils (please make sure your child always has at least two sharpened pencils with them daily during the school year)
  • Cap erasers and large block erasers
  • 1 Package of yellow sticky notes
  • Loose-leaf paper (one small package to start)
  • 1 (Black & White) Composition notebook
  • 1 Package of BLUE pens only (for Writing)  
  • Snacks- Please make sure your child brings a daily healthy snack (snacks are not provided by the classroom)  
  • Computer mouse
  • Headphones or earbuds to use with chromebooks
  • 1 accordion folder – *5 Star with zipper sides (these can be found on or for around $10)

The following supplies are optional:

  • One set of colored pencils
  • One set of colored markers
  • One container of Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer for class use

No other supplies are required. Out of consideration for each family, we have tried to keep the supply list short. Please do not send in any white out, or trapper keepers. Thanks so much!