Please see below for course syllabi.

HS Business Day Second Place

HS Business Day

HS Business Day Trophies

Classroom Expectations

1. NO CELL PHONES allowed in class;

2. NO Earbuds in ears;

3. ARRIVE on time, or with a pass if late;

4. Keep book bags off the table and out of walkways for safety;

5. BE prepared to work as soon as you get into class; get organized and begin the bell ringer;

6.Do not ask to leave the room until after the attendance and you are set up a desk;

7. Keep feet off desks;

8. DO NOT line up at the door before the bell rings;

9.Conversations i n the must be appropriate and of a business atmosphere;

10. RESPECT a ll individuals at all times;

11. Turn in ALL assignments through Google Classroom; do not share via email;

12. Do not throw items from your seat into trash;