School Supply Lists 2020-2021


Corinth HS Supply List 2020-21


Specific supplies for high school courses will differ based on the courses students are scheduled to take.  Materials are not allowed to be shared this year so it is important that all students come prepared to school each day with their own supplies.  The following list of supplies represents the minimum recommended supplies that students will need for the 2020-21 school year.


  • Masks or face coverings

  • Personal hand sanitizer

  • Bookbag: no lockers will be issued and all materials will need to be carried by students between classes

  • Pens and pencils: enough to bring at least two each day

  • Charged Chromebook in the provided case: students must bring their school-issued Chromebook fully charged each day

  • Headphones or earbuds

  • Refillable water bottle: water fountains will be converted to bottle filling stations

  • Highlighters (3 colors)

  • Notebook: classes may differ in the types of notebooks they ask for this year, with several teachers planning on using digital notebooks.  Start with a single notebook and teachers will provide additional information regarding their preferences during the first week of school


See you in September!


High School Staff