Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7!

Visit our 7th Grade Teacher's Page to view HW Agendas & More


Our 7th Grade Teachers Are:

Science: Robert Saumell (Mr. Saumell's Class Webpage

Social Studies: Heather McGuire

Math: Peter Sorbera

English: Katie Valentine-Bardin


Here is a brief overview of what you will be doing during the year.

ELA – This year in ELA you will see increased rigor as we follow the common core path to expand our reading skills.  Students will become stronger and more engaged readers and writers.  We will implement the first module of the common core, Reading Closely and Learning to Write: Journeys & Survival, as we dive into the book A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park. Students will increase their reading of complex texts as we move through the year with various pieces of fiction and nonfiction texts. After taking the state tests in April, we wrap up our year with a unit based on the theme of stereotyping, friendship and individualism via the novel, The Outsiders.

Math – This year, you will apply previously learned skills in integers, decimals, measurement, and number sense through the integrated study of number systems, numbers and numeration, geometry, algebra, data analysis and measurement.  With a focus on rational numbers (integers, positive and negative decimals, and fractions), ratios, percent, and the solving of equations.

Social Studies – 7th grade Social Studies is the beginning of a two year course in American History. This year we will  begin with a study covering the time period from pre-Columbus until the U.S. Civil War. Most units will focus on student investigation or evaluation of events in history. This course will emphasize development of inquiry skills, social studies skills, and literacy skills.

Science – We will be learning about all living things and how they interact with the environment. Many “hands-on” activities and labs are an important part of the program.  Be prepared for a challenging year of exciting science discovery.

Mr. Saumell's 7th Grade Science: Teacher webpage

Accelerated Science Students will be working on 7th and 8th grade curriculum, Life Science, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science.

Technology – “Tech” is a fun class where you will apply concepts learned in academic classes to solve real world problems. You will use tools and materials to design and build projects.  You will also learn how the application of new technologies can impact our lives.  The class is taught in Problem Based Learning format with students working in groups to solve technology based problems.

Art - Students will gain further knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts through study and practice. This includes a focus on various artists and artworks, in which we talk about, write about, and read about specific aspects to help further our understanding and appreciation of art. 7th Grade Art is every other day for the entire year!!!

Mr. Waring's 7th Grade Art Class: Teacher Webpage

Home and Careers - Students will continue learning about the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy body. Students will also learn child development from conception through adolescence. Students will also learn about finances and how to manage a checking account. Grade 7 Home and Careers is every other day for the entire year!