Technology Information

The Corinth Central School District is pleased to announce that every student in grades 6-12 will be assigned his/her own Chromebook to use for academic purposes during the 2017-18 school year. Funding for this 1:1 initiative is made possible in part by the Smart Schools Bond Act, which was approved by voters in New York State in 2014.

Parents and students, click here to read the Chromebook Ownership Agreement. 

Please click here to read important information about the use and care of the Chromebook for which you are responsible. 

The Smart Schools Bond Act authorized the NYS Department of Education to issue $2 billion to finance educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for all students. Each school district in the state was allocated an amount of funding based on need. Corinth CSD was allocated $1,065,678.

Corinth CSD conducted a technology needs assessment and developed a plan to use the Smart Schools Bond money. Through this process, the Technology Committee identified four priorities to improve learning and opportunity for all students:

  1. Replace the SmartBoard touchscreen technology in classrooms because many have reached the end of life
  2. Provide each student in grades 6-12 with a Chromebook for academic use
  3. Increase wireless infrastructure to support 1:1 initiative
  4. Improve security with surveillance cameras and Public Address (PA) system 

The Board of Education approved the Technology Committee’s draft plan for use of the Smart Schools Bond money, and the NYS Education Department approved the plan as well.

We are excited for the opportunity the Smart Schools Funding presents. We believe this technology will help students research, access educational databases, write papers, create multi-media presentations, and prepare for the expectations of the modern workplace and further education. It will give them independence and flexibility to complete their assignments. It will also help instill responsibility.

Grades 8, 11, and 12 will be able to bring their Chromebooks home as part of a pilot program. Students in grades 6, 7, 9, and 10 will keep their Chromebooks in school; they will pick them up during homeroom in the morning and return them to the charger before leaving for the day.

Please read the district’s policies below regarding the Chromebooks and how they are to be used and not used. We encourage parents to become informed participants in this 1:1 initiative. 

Chromebooks will be distributed to students in their homerooms on the first day of class.