2019 College and Career Day

On Thursday, April 18, Corinth Middle School students participated in Career Day, attending sessions of their interest in a variety of employment opportunities and learning more about our Career and Technical Education program at WSWHE BOCES. 

In the afternoon, middle and high school students attended the College and Career Fair in the high school gymnasium. This event allowed students time to interact personally with our guests, asking questions about colleges, the military and many different jobs.

A big thank you to all of the visitors who shared their passion with our students!

Kudos to our amazing School Counseling Team, Mrs. Jenkins, Ms. Whitman, Mrs. Bills and Mr. Castrio, for all of your hard work making this day possible.

What a great day of learning for our students, exploring many possibilities for their future!

Click here to see pictures from the event on the district's Facebook page.

Apr 22, 2019