6th Grade Sends Letters to our Troops

Our 6th grade Social Studies students showed their appreciation for our active military members through Aaron's Gifts From Home. This program was started by a mother who lost her son in Afghanistan and now sends holiday care packages to deployed troops. Many of our 6th grade cards will be included in the holiday packages sent out through Aaron's Gifts From Home.

In addition, our 6th graders sent letters to active members of the Navy, Air Force, and Marines thanking them for their service and letting them know that they are appreciated. Many of the recipients are CCSD alumni!

They undertook this project as a hands on way of understanding Civic Participation and learning that even young adults can be active in our society. 

Many thanks to our 6th grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Penny Skinner, for this worthwhile activity, modeling respect, honor and appreciation for our service men and women and giving back to our community. Way to go, 6th grade TOMAHAWKS!!

Nov 06, 2017