8th Graders Learn About Solar

8th graders learn about solar energyA big Tomahawk thank you to Mr. Brent McDevitt and Mr. Bob Vittengl of the local company, Apex Solar, for coming to share their knowledge with our Grade 8 Technology/PBL students. Their visit included a presentation on how solar works, information about wind and hydro power and the natural resources in our area. 

Students went outside to view the Apex solar trailer with models of how solar energy impacts the home and is returned to the grid. They also saw Apex's hybrid vehicle.

Mrs. Dunbar and Mrs. Siano would like to thank our guests for their time and information that was the Community Kick-Off event for our Energy Unit!

Photo credits: D. Dunbar, P. Siano (CCSD Website Club)

Feb 13, 2017