Business Law Students Visit County Court

Corinth High School Business Law students recently visited the Saratoga County Court for a hands-on experience to enhanced their studies. 

Students were given a full tour of the various courts by Assistant District Attorney Gordon Eddy. Eddy spoke about the role of the grand jury, courts of jurisdiction and various career opportunities within the court system. Eddy also serves as a volunteer Mock Trial Attorney Coach for the CHS team.

Criminal County Court Judge James Murphy III, invited students to observe his criminal matters before the court. Later, he debriefed with the students. He also shared the importance of internships and networking in their future career endeavors.

Judge Matthew Coseo also spoke to students about the role of probate in Surrogate Court.

CHS students were fortunate to have this real world experience with these esteemed legal professionals, fostering community partnerships with CCSD.

Post contribution: HS Social Media/Digital Communication student, Harley Wells
Photos courtesy of D. Fay 

Feb 10, 2020