CCS Spotlight: Building and Grounds

For this Month’s CCS spotlight, we are highlighting our amazing Buildings and Grounds Team! This team is the backbone of our campus. They keep our buildings safe for our students and staff to use every single day. This crew works tirelessly to support our district, morning and night, to ensure that our campus remains a place for us to be proud of. Our classrooms, hallways, and more– are all due to the work that this team does. This crew deserves applause for all of the added work that the pandemic has brought on us, maintaining safety procedures and sanitization requirements. Thank you, Buildings and Grounds!! 


Jim Grady

Bob Millis

Rick Harding

Bill Shippee

Erin Crist

Jamie Tracy

Kevin Reynolds

Garijon Dunbar

Deb Caldwell

Michelle Knowlton

Ira Smith

Michele Green

Tammy Carney

Emma Neville

Kristine Allen

Leon Bovee

Will Bergin

Les Marcotte

Josh Dzieniszewski

Matt Straight

We interviewed the team and they worked together to answer the following questions.

1) What are the responsibilities of your role? 

Jim Grady: “Our role is to sanitize and clean rooms and the school for the safety of our staff and students.” 

2) Why did you choose this position?

Erin Crist: “I chose the position because the hours worked great for me and my family and it is so close to home.” 

3) How long have you worked in/with Corinth Central School District? 

Michele Green: “I have worked for the team for three years.”

4) What is your favorite thing about this job?

Erin Crist: “My favorite thing about the job is knowing I am doing something good for the school system and community. “

5) What has presented the biggest challenge in your position during our new school year with Covid protocols in place? 

Jim Grady: “Working under safety protocols, like wearing masks while working has been difficult.”

6) Do you feel as though each of your roles in the school has an important and special place in what makes this school what it is? 

Erin Crist: “Just knowing that you’re helping the school district and communities stay safe.” 

7) If there was one thing you could say to the entire Corinth community, what would it be?

Jim Grady: “I would like to thank the community for rising above and beyond to help during these difficult times.”

Jul 06, 2021