CCS Spotlight: Crossing Guards

We are extremely excited to take this opportunity to highlight our school crossing guards for a CCS Spotlight. Each and every day, our crossing guards have done a fantastic job keeping our students safe as they walk to and from school. Through rain or snow, our guards have been an integral part of our school community, and we thank them for all that they do!

We recently interviewed the crossing guard team and we hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about James, Joshua, and Marie.

Meet James Murray


James has been helping keep our students safe for the past five years, directing the traffic for those exiting the Elementary School. James has worked for the Village of Corinth for several years before his current position. His favorite part of his job is the interaction with parents and students, and safely directing them, whether they are on foot or driving. 

James has lived in Corinth since 1985. He raised his children and is now helping raise three grandsons. Through his family, he has been involved in various activities including the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Corinth Youth Hockey Program. Mr. Murray coordinates an ongoing fundraising campaign collecting, cleaning, and returning bottles and cans, with the proceeds going towards the Corinth Youth Hockey Program. 

James is appreciative of the great support he receives from the Town of Corinth, the Village of Corinth, the school resource officer, and school parents. 


Meet Joshua Lytle 

Joshua has been a crossing guard for the past six years. A key component of his job is realizing the important non-verbal communication which occurs between a crossing guard and automobile operators. Whether it’s a hand signal, sign, or even making eye contact, a crossing guard must trust that drivers not only understand the traffic laws but also adhere to them. 

There are several aspects of the job that Joshua enjoys. He noted that it is always touching to witness the first time a nervous parent lets their child cross the street unaccompanied by the parent, and seeing the excitement on the child’s face once they realize the brave new feat they’ve just accomplished.  

Joshua’s favorite part of Corinth is the views from the school hill, looking upriver, and the school library. 


Meet Marïe Lytle (also known as Mimmi) 

Marïe is Joshua Lytle’s mother and we are thrilled to have such a fantastic mother-son duo here at Corinth CSD! Marïe has been helping students safely cross the streets while arriving and leaving school for the past seventeen years. In addition to ensuring drivers stop for pedestrians, she is attentive to the hazards and challenges that bicyclists, skateboarders, loose pets, and inclement weather present. Marie goes above and beyond her safety responsibilities by sharing a smile and kind word with students and their families each day. 

Marïe began as a substitute crossing guard, working at the busy crossings. She enjoyed it so much that she jumped at the opportunity when a regular position became available. Marïe’s favorite part of her job is keeping everyone safe, she enjoys hearing stories from students of all ages and grade levels and getting to know them. Marïe appreciates that families in the community trust her with their loved ones. 

When she isn’t working as a crossing guard she is a pharmacy technician, continuing to bring smiles and a familiar face while meeting the needs of local families. 

Marïe was born in Brooklyn and fell in love with Corinth after spending many summer vacations in Corinth. Marïe and her husband Nick of 35 years have nine children and two grandchildren. 

Mar 01, 2021