CCS Spotlight: Technology Team

This month we shine the CCS Staff Spotlight our Technology team! An IT team is the backbone of a modern school environment, and put simply, without our IT staff, the district would not be able to provide the 21st skills that students need to prepare for the future. We greatly appreciate this team, especially this year with our current need for virtual learning and accessibility for all students.  

We thank our Technology team for their steadfast dedication to our students and staff. Please enjoy learning a little more about Dee Nolet, Robert Bush, and Sarah Giaculli.

Meet Dee Nolet

Dee Nolet is a Coordinator of Networks & Technology here at Corinth Central School District. She ensures the district has the tools needed to provide a safe learning experience for students for both in-person and virtual learning.
Dee is fairly new to the district’s IT department, being embedded in the district through WSWHE BOCES as of July 2020. However, she is not new to IT. Dee has been an IT professional since 1994 and worked in the private sector for eleven years before working in the public sector. The various roles and responsibilities she has held have prepared her for the position she holds now.
Dee embraces new learning experiences and has found that the lack of reliable internet service in family’s homes for virtual learning presents different challenges and solutions each day. She commends everyone’s teamwork and commitment to giving students the best education they can, whether it’s in-person, hybrid, or fully remote learning.

Meet Robert Bush

Robert Bush is a Network Analyst. His primary responsibility is to keep the network and computers functioning and available for the students and staff. Robert also keeps the district’s data safe and secure by analyzing, upgrading, maintaining, and troubleshooting various systems to ensure they are aligned and working efficiently.
Robert has been an IT professional since 2003 and has been embedded in the district through WSWHE BOCES since 2015. He has worked his way up to the position he currently holds, enhancing his skills along the way. He enjoys the diversity of his day-to-day due to the ever-changing challenges presented to him. His previous experience as a chef for fifteen years well-prepared him to adjusting and adapting quickly. His favorite thing about his current position is the knowledge he gains working with such talented individuals in the district. 
Robert rose to the challenge of quickly preparing students and staff for virtual learning, with no previous blueprint in place, and continues to do so today. He is proud to be part of a technology team that helps shape the minds of young individuals by keeping their technology working, and the school’s network running efficiently. He’s equally proud to be working with a terrific faculty and staff who share his goal of making this school year the best it can be for the students, provided the challenges.

Meet Sarah Giaculli

Sarah Giaculli is a Computer Network Technical Assistant with the district. She provides technical support to students, staff, and parents, including a wide range of electronics from Promethean Boards, Chromebooks, copiers, desktops, phones, and more.
Sarah started with the district 18 years ago as a teaching assistant. She spent the summer months in the technology department, where she discovered how much she enjoyed being a part of the technology team. She was promoted as the Computer Lab Assistant and when the Computer Network Technical Assistant position opened, she accepted the role.
Sarah enjoys helping people navigate technical issues. She has risen to the challenge of troubleshooting over the telephone, which can be especially difficult without seeing the electronic device in person. She is grateful for the patience and understanding shown by the students, staff, and parents this school year, as everyone navigates the newer technologies needed for virtual learning.
One of Sarah’s goals is to implement a student help desk program to teach students how to repair Chromebooks and desktops. She hopes to revisit this in the future. Sarah commends the teachers of the district for going above and beyond daily for their students.

Apr 30, 2021