Corinth Graduation Rates Continue To Improve

Corinth Central School District’s commitment to supporting students through to graduation has paid off, as data released from the state Education Department demonstrates. 

Corinth’s four-year graduation rate, which tracks how many students complete high school within a four-year period, has improved dramatically over the past several years. Fom 66 percent in 2013, to 79 percent in 2016, to 86 percent for 2017, the four-year graduation rate is a testament to a districtwide focus on helping students succeed. 

According to Superintendent Dr. Mark Stratton, this marked improvement is part of a strategy that includes hard work by students, and good communication among parents, administrators, school counselors and teachers. 

“The district rewrote our goals last year to focus on our graduation rate,” Dr. Stratton explained, adding, “With the talented faculty that we have, sometimes a renewed focus makes a big difference.” 

Stratton noted that the introduction of GradNet, a free online credit recovery program, had made it easier for students to keep up with their classmates without having to travel to a nearby district to attend summer school. This program allowed an additional two students to graduate last August, bringing the total graduation rate for the group of students who entered high school in 2013 close to 90 percent. 

Finally, Stratton pointed out that the district works closely with parents to develop contracts with all seniors. The contract system includes progress monitoring and support by teachers, counselors and administrators. High school principals and school counselors also go above and beyond, conducting home visits to keep in close contact with students and their families. 

“We’re proud of all our students for the hard work they put in to reach their goals,” Stratton said. “We are committed to sustaining this effort and continuing to give our students the best chance for success.” 

Feb 08, 2018