Corinth Is Community

"Even before I started working in Corinth, I heard about how strong the community is – how we all come together to help those in need. Yet now, more than ever, is the time for our community to celebrate this strength and pride. It's during uncertain times such as this current National health pandemic that people start social movements and strengthen their core beliefs," says Superintendent Dr. Mark Stratton.

 As such, the Corinth Central School District is starting a community-based effort that is focused on celebrating Corinth and supporting our neighbors. It's called Corinth is Community (#CorinthIsCommunity). If you make a $15 (or more) donation to this effort you will receive a free Corinth is Community t-shirt.

The donations will be used to purchase gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses that will be given to Corinth families who are in need. To make a donation, please contact Craig Falkenbury at falkenburyc@corinthcsd.org or Hillary Haskell at haskellh@corinthcsd.org. They will notify you soon where you can pick up your t-shirt.

Don't forget to take a photo of you and your family proudly wearing the shirts and share it with Tara Mitchell (mitchellt@corinthcsd.org) for the Corinth School District website and with Pat Siano (sianop@corinthcsd.org) for social media. You can also post photos to your own social media channels with the hashtag #CorinthIsCommunity to help spread the word. We are all in this together. Let's show our Corinth Pride!

"This is a huge undertaking and I appreciate Mrs. Haskell and Coach Falkenbury to taking the lead and seeing this tremendous initiative through," adds Stratton. "Also kudos to Watervliet Superintendent Lori Caplan for sharing this idea with me."

Mar 24, 2020