Corinth partnership helps to address food insecurity

Two men and a woman stand together

From left to right: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Stratton, Food Service Director Lisa Tevendale and Al Fredette from the Fredette Family Foundation.

Since the 2016-17 school year, Corinth Central School District has maintained a partnership with the Fredette Family Foundation that has helped to reduce food insecurity in the Corinth community.

The Fredette Family Foundation was founded by NBA Phoenix Suns player Jimmer Fredette and his family in 2012. The foundation is a non-profit organization focused on helping families in need by working closely with over 30 school districts to set-up programs to provide supplemental foods for students. That includes dozens of students in the Corinth community!

“Our mission is to strengthen families,” said Al Fredette. “We believe that strong families are the most important unit on earth because strong families create strong schools, communities, and societies.”

This year, Corinth received a donation of $535 from the Fredette Family Foundation that will go towards providing lunches through the Jimmer Lunch Fund program to students who are not eligible for the Free and Reduced meals program but still need assistance.

The program, which began in December of 2016, sets aside money that is put into individual accounts of students who, for many different reasons, struggle to pay for lunch. Over the past three years, the money the Fredette family has donated to the program has helped to provide nearly 1,000 lunches to Corinth students.

“We love that this partnership has allowed for us to address the needs of all our students,” said Food Services Director Lisa Tevendale.

Research has shown that students who are not hungry attend school more regularly, have improved academic achievement, and have fewer disciplinary issues at school.

In addition to the lunch fund, the district worked with the Fredette Family Foundation to create the Jimmer Sport-Snack program last year. The program provides student athletes traveling to away competitions with snack packs consisting of a granola bar and fresh fruit.

The Fredette Family Foundation relies on community support for their efforts to succeed. Community members can help by sharing information about this program and by making donations by visiting www.jimmerosity.org.

If you have any questions regarding the Jimmer Lunch Fund, the Jimmer Sport-Snack program or about donating, please contact Corinth Food Service Director Lisa Tevendale at tevendalel@corinthcsd.org or at (518) 654-9005, ext. 3114.

Apr 17, 2019