Corinth students showcase the art of debate

On Wednesday, December 5, Corinth Business Law students and Queensbury Business Law students held a fall debate that took place in the LGI Room attended by students and parents.  In an 88-87 score, Corinth was able to tip the scales in their favor. 

Both schools did an amazing job of arguing their positions, backed up with case law, current events and constitutional law. 

Shout out to Mr. William Maynard and Mr. Blake Saunders, and Queensbury parents, Cathy Sturman and Jessica Darrah for judging the debate. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Tracey Bureau, Queensbury Business Teacher, and Mrs. Denise Fay, Corinth Business Teacher, for organizing this educational event for our students. 

Check out some photos below!

A group of students sit at a table

A group of students sit at a table

A group of students and staff sit and face forward


Dec 06, 2018