COVID-19 Update 12/31/21

Dear Corinth Families,


I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to provide a few updates for you relative to the many changes that have been happening with COVID-19 management rules and requirements. Please know that there is still a great deal of information that is not clear to us, but we will be sure to get the necessary details to you as soon as they become available.   


  1. Quarantining time for positive cases and unvaccinated individuals who have been exposed to a positive case: Based on the announcement from the CDC earlier this week which significantly reduced the required quarantining time for these two groups, Saratoga County has adopted the five-day quarantining rule for individuals within these two categories. I encourage you read the details on the county website page very carefully to understand what is required depending on your symptomatic and vaccination status. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this information and continue to report any positive cases to us.


  1. Test-to-Stay: We anticipate beginning this program next week to minimize the number of students who have been required to quarantine based on close contact with a positive case. In sum, we will periodically test our students (with parent permission) who are asymptomatic and unvaccinated and who have been in close contact with a positive case. These students will be allowed to stay in school as long as their testing results are negative and they do not develop additional COVID-19 related symptoms. Vaccinated students who are asymptomatic have not been nor will they be required to quarantine unless symptoms develop. Please be reminded that any student testing can only be done with parent permission.  The online permission consent form can be found here: Parent Consent Form.


  1. Distribution of rapid tests to students/families: As you may have seen on the news this week, Governor Hochul will have rapid tests distributed to every school district in the state to allow students to be tested as soon as possible upon their return. There is still a lack of clarity around this, but at this time testing is not a requirement nor have the tests been received yet. They will first be shipped to our BOCES and will be distributed from there. We anticipate that they will be available by early next week. 


We continue to encourage our parents and guardians to monitor their child's health. If they display any COVID-like symptoms, please do not send them to school and contact your primary health care provider.


Wishing you all a healthy and relaxing New Year’s weekend.




Dr. Mark R. Stratton

Dec 31, 2021