Elementary Students to Work on Arts Grant Project

Corinth Artist Kendra Schieber has been awarded a $1,800 Arts Education Grant from Saratoga Arts for her 2017 grant proposal titled “Signs by Hand – Corinth Celebrates 200 Years.” Mrs. Schieber plans to do a three-day project with fourth grade students at Corinth Elementary School to teach students about the process of designing and creating a large-scale banner to commemorate the Town of Corinth Bicentennial (2018).

During the month of May 2017, Mrs. Schieber will work with Mrs. Palmero’s Art Class teaching children about the history of writing and the important role that signs have played throughout human history. The students will learn about the earliest petroglyphs and pictograps of the Paleolithic and Mesolithic people – perhaps the first signs made to inform other of their time and place. Students will also learned of the finest lettering that is carved into the base of Tajan’s Column in Rome, Italy. This was the basis of the Times New Roman font that is commonly used today.

Students will have the opportunity to learn simple lettering styles after learning to make their own tools from papermaker’s felt and clothespins, pencils, and rubber bands. They will use mathematics to determine lettering sizes and spacing. They will make their own ink with Chinese stick inks as well as ink from the indigenous black walnut tree. They will also study local history in order to incorporate that into the designs they will create.

The culmination of the artist residency will be students working on their own ideas and designs for the large-scale banner that will be placed across Main Street or Rt. 9N. They will learn about the sign ordinance for the Village of Corinth and Town of Corinth by applying for a permit to hang the banner, and they will coordinate with local business owners where the banner will be displayed.

The project will start after students return from Spring Break (beginning April 24, 2017).


Apr 10, 2017