First Annual Egg Drop in Mr. Citro's Science Class

Mr. Citro's science class created the First Annual Egg Drop earlier this week.

The task? Students were given one period to design and construct an egg catcher. The only materials provided were two #32 rubber bands, a folder, cup, coffee filter, paper plate, a piece of scrap paper, one meter of masking tape, and two standard index cards.  Students were given a specific set of rules and guidelines to follow in their design process and were allowed 40 minutes of class time to build.  Once built, the egg catchers were tested by having students drop the egg from different heights, in 0.3-meter increments (up to 3.0 meters). 

Following the activity, students wrote summaries discussing how the momentum and impulse of the egg upon landing changed, by using a self-designed catcher versus one without an egg catcher. 


Jan 11, 2018