Grade 5 Schedule Changes Effective Jan. 6, 2020

Dear 5th Parents and Guardians, 

We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the structure of our 5th grade schedule, which will take effect January 6, 2020.

As you know, 5th grade students currently rotate classes among five teachers for 45-minute class periods. This structure has been rather challenging for our students. In response to this, we have reorganized the schedule so that students will have fewer transitions throughout the day. There will be many benefits to the new schedule, such as a lower staff-to-student ratio that will result in increased teacher contact time with students enabling them to build stronger relationships within the class. Teachers will also have larger blocks of time in their day to allow for more opportunities for small group instruction to meet the individual academic needs of all students. Additionally, the increase in instructional time will allow for more academic interventions and additional enrichment opportunities.

We are looking forward to the Holiday Recess and a fresh start in the New Year. You can assist us with the transition at home by explaining the benefits of having less transitions and increased positive relationships within each classroom.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will also be able to answer any further questions you may have about this change. 


Principal Renée Young, Assistant Principal Jessica Valente & the 5th Grade Team


Dec 16, 2019