Grade 8 Students Work Together to "Escape"

Let's say you are locked in a room with friends or family members for an hour and you are given clues to figure out how to "break out." Could you work with each other in order to get out on time? Well, we now know that Corinth grade 8 students could certainly help you out.  

Thanks to the grade 8 teaching team (with extra coordinating by math teacher Mrs. Peck) students recently honed the skills needed to have success in "Breakout/Escape Room" scenarios and beyond. The students participated in a Growth Mindset-themed Escape Room that was part of a week of activities planned for 8th graders as they began planning for high school and their future.

The students were organized into small groups where they had to work together to solve all the puzzles and mysteries contained in the Escape Room scenarios. Along with relying on their reading and math skills, students also had to rely on 21st-century "soft skills" such as problem solving, collaborating, and communicating in order to solve the puzzles to break out. 

The exercise also allows team members to bond and gives them a chance to see each member's contributions and strengths.  For example, because the students have to work together to solve all of the puzzles to exit the room, they had to effectively communicate details of the room, listen to other players, and share the workload. Doing this brings forth the opportunity to see the value in contributions from others and hopefully shows students how to transfer their experiences being on an Escape Room team to their everyday life.

Photos & story adapted from P. Siano's Facebook post.


Feb 05, 2020