Health Class Saw AIDS Memorial Quilt

The following High School students went to the Empire State Plaza to view sections of theStudents view AIDS Quilt AIDS Memorial Quilt on World Aids Day. The goal of World AIDS Day is to increase awareness of the disease, promote prevention, remember those lost, and show support for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

“Viewing the quilt is always very powerful,” said MS/HS Health Teacher Valerie Anatriello. “It’s a great day every year.” 

Rochelle Miller

Nathan Earls

Maxwell Peris

Liam Brennan

Jessica Campbell

Jesse Winslow

Gwendolyn Rose

Chloe Tracy

Austin Carvajal

Allysa Gilston

Abigail Corlew

Bernice Avery

Allyssa Baker

Brooke Bovee

Noah Center

Joseph Gariepy

Kayleigh Mosher

Dylan Riley

Kayla Stevens

Meranda Tooker

Breana Wetherby

Kaleb Whaley

Alexis Abare-Parent

Andrew Adams

Anthony Perry

Christopher Parker

Jerica Beagle

Jessie Millington

John Mandigo

Joshua Ross

Kimberly Grubbs

Mathilda Kunz

Mickayla Laney

Miranda Whalen

Nikklas Milligan

Alexander Seney

Hailey Lescault

Katelynn Williams

Trevor Richards

Samuel Tromblee

Please click here to learn more about the AIDS Memorial Quilt. 

Jan 23, 2017