High School Open House

Our virtual open house will begin on 10/13 with part 1 (flexible schedule) and conclude with our second part on 10/14 with a set schedule between 5:50-7:30.

The high school open house will consist of two different components this year. The first part will involve students sitting down with their families and watching a video presentation from each of their teachers. The second part will allow for families to ask questions to their students’ teachers through a live google meet (the same technology your students are using to connect remotely each day). I have outlined the specifics for each part of our open house below. One of the best parts of this virtual open house is that our families will be able to interact with the teachers using the same platform our students are using on a daily basis.

Part 1 Tuesday 10/13

  • Teachers will upload a video into their google classroom for each class on Tuesday 10/13.
  • Students will access their google classrooms for each class with their families, and view the videos at some time on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • The videos will discuss each individual teacher's classroom policies and procedures including grading policies, expectations, virtual learning plans, and contact information.
  • Videos will be approximately 5 minutes in length and will remain accessible for future reference. Families are encouraged to write down any questions they may wish to ask for the second part of the open house.

Part 2 Wednesday 10/14

  • The second part will once again have the students log into their google classroom for each class. This time they will enter the google meet for each class so that families can interact with the teachers and ask any questions they have after viewing the videos.
  • The evening will follow the set schedule outlined below. For classes that extend over multiple periods, families should log into the first period a class is scheduled for (ex Earth Science is periods 3 on AC days and period 4 on all days: families should log in at the period 3 time). PE classes will all be done at the same time prior to the rest of the classes as outlined below. Families do not need to log into SH or lunch periods.
  • Schedules were mailed home a few weeks ago and are also available through the portal, which is accessible through the District website.

Schedule to follow on Wednesday evening 10/14.
All PE classes 5:50-6:00
Period 1 6:00-6:10
Period 2 6:10-6:20
Period 3 6:20-6:30
Period 4-5 6:40-6:50
Period 6-7 6:50-7:00
Period 8 7:00-7:10
Period 9 7:10-7:20
Period 10 7:20-7:30

I want to thank you in advance for engaging with us during this unique open house period. We
look forward to connecting with you and staying connected throughout the year.


Eric Schenone
CHS Principal

Oct 09, 2020