Let's Recognize our Students and Staff

CES Positive Referrals

November, 2020

Let's Recognize Our Students and Staff!


Our school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program seeks to recognize and reward students for making good choices throughout the day. At CES, we expect students to follow our three school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. In the past, students have had the opportunity to earn "Tommie Tickets" throughout the day. This year, we switched to a digital point system where students earn DoJo points as they work toward achieving class goals and incentives.

We also highlight a specific character trait each month. Teachers incorporate this trait into class discussions and lessons and nominate a student who has consistently exhibited this quality throughout the month. We then recognize these students in each classroom with certificates during our monthly presentations.

Introducing Positive Behavior Referrals

Our students work extremely hard and we are so proud of the way they have quickly adapted to their new learning environment this year. Therefore, we would like to add another layer to our school-wide positive behavior initiative, “Positive Behavior Referrals."

When a student goes above and beyond or consistently demonstrates that they are making good choices, teachers may enter a positive referral into our school data tracking system. Students will receive a certificate that is signed by the referring staff member along with a school administrator and parents will receive a positive call home.

We look forward to tracking these positive referrals and building upon our positive school climate!

Thank You, Staff!

In addition to our hard-working students, we are lucky to have extremely dedicated and hard-working faculty and staff members. We feel it is important to give our families an opportunity to recognize them.

If you have a teacher or staff member that you would like to recognize, please complete this Google Form. We encourage you to include a few sentences about why you are acknowledging this person and how he/she has made a positive impact on your child. When complete, an administrator will visit the classroom to present the teacher with a certificate.

Building Connections

We are excited to launch these new initiatives while continuing to build strong home/school connections. We are grateful for our wonderful students and staff and look forward to establishing new ways of recognition.

Nov 20, 2020