March 17: Letter from Superintendent

Dear Corinth Families,

These past few days have been the most difficult in my educational career, yet I am extremely proud of our faculty, staff and administration for the work they are doing as we all continue to maneuver through this difficult situation. We are a close-knit community that has always supported each other in many different ways. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that we have become an even stronger community as we navigate through this National crisis. I am witnessing district staff and community members going above and beyond to make sure our students' and families' needs are being met.

New information about COVID-19 is being shared daily, if not hourly, about the impact it is having on our school system. During these unprecedented times, we are still committed to ensuring our students are engaged in academic opportunities, and we’ve taken a variety of steps internally to keep our students and staff connected. I commend our instructional staff for their effort and creativity in producing a variety of remote instructional opportunities. Our students are accessing learning materials through several different mediums, teachers are collaborating digitally with both students and colleagues, nurses are reaching out to parents and returning medications, and staff are feeding our community, disinfecting our schools, and leading this district. We are committed to doing everything we can to meet these needs and support the community at this time. As such, we do have a few priority items we would like to share with you:

  • In the spirit of practicing social distancing, all Corinth buildings and grounds--including playgrounds--are closed. Office hours for phone calls only are Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to noon.
  • The Elementary School educational opportunity packets were picked up by nearly 90% of our families on Monday. The remainder are being mailed today, March 17. If you have not received a packet by the end of this week, please contact the elementary school main office. (See hours above.)
  • Teachers will be available to respond to their school email during regular school hours.
  • We are looking into ways to offer academic opportunities to our students who receive special education services. Our teachers and related service providers assembled paper and electronic materials for students. Many of these materials have already been sent home or are available online. Teachers and providers will also be personally reaching out to families to assist in supporting them with their IEP needs. Additionally, all related services, such as speech or occupations/physical therapy have also created activities that will be offered to families electronically as well as available on the district’s website. However, many of these therapies need to be done in person, which is not possible at this time. We will continue to seek guidance from SED on the next steps.

We appreciate your patience as we all navigate this situation. I know that we will continue to succeed in our efforts as we move forward thanks to the work of all of you. I encourage you to follow me on Twitter at @CorinthSuper for the most up-to-date information.

Mar 17, 2020