Mask Guidance: June 7, 2021

As we navigate the return to pre-pandemic interactions, it is likely that New York State and/or the Departments of Health and Education will be issuing updated guidance in the days and weeks ahead. We remain committed to informing you of any changes in school procedures as quickly as possible thereafter.  Some updates and clarifications for today, Monday, June 7th, are as follows:

·      NEW: Student-athletes are no longer required to wear face masks outside, during practice or competition. Additionally, masks are not necessary for students, staff, or spectators outside on school grounds (playgrounds, fields, etc.).  

·      Masks still need to be worn inside at all times (classrooms, hallways, restrooms, gyms, etc.). Masks are also still required at all times on school buses.

·      As we expect high temperatures again tomorrow, teachers and staff will continue to allow students to take ample mask breaks.  We will also continue to have extra water available.  

Jun 07, 2021