News From Guidance

Good NewsThere are many important upcoming dates for the Spring semester and exciting new additions to the counseling office! The counseling office is very busy this time of year, so please come down and make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

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Please join us in welcoming Toby to our Counseling Team!

Toby is Mrs. Crave’s therapy dog. He will be in our offices to help provide affection and comfort to the people he visits with. One of the most important ways to help Toby adjust to our school community is to ensure everyone is aware of how we must behave in front of Toby.

Here are the rules:

  • Never run at the dog.
  • Ask to pet Toby before doing so.
  • Never touch Toby without getting permission from the adult in charge of him.
  • Always allow Toby to smell your hand before you pet him.
  • Do not scream or yell when you see Toby as this will scare him.
  • Please follow the requests of the adult in charge of Toby at all times.

Thank you for your help with Toby. We are very excited to have him join our team!


Mar 16, 2017