PBL ELA & Global History grades 9 & 10 Trip to NYC

The Project Based Learning classes for ELA and Global History grades 9 & 10 took a trip to NYC this past Sunday, October 22. The trip was organized by Mrs. Lum and Mrs. Pita with Mr. Badaszewski and Ms. Miraglia graciously accompanying the group as additional chaperones. Students visited the world class Metropolitan Museum of Art which exhibits ancient antiquities dating all the way back to the first civilizations on earth. Students were able to see authentic artifacts that were brought to New York from all over the globe. This included jewelry, Egyptian mummies, paintings, carvings, sculptures, and even a tomb that was carefully relocated to the MET from Egypt. Students had a real life opportunity to study artifacts that belong to civilizations and societies that are a part of the Global History and Geography curriculum.

One of the additional goals of is that students in the PBL classes are provided with cultural and social experiences that will enhance their understanding of the world community. As a part of this experience, students also embarked on a stroll through Central Park where they observed street performers as well as many famous movie sets. Students also took a walk down 5th Avenue and viewed Trump Tower. They also walked inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral to view its ornate medieval architecture which included vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. Next, the group ventured through Rockefeller Center and went on to see the major commercial and entertainment center of Times Square.

Thank you to Mrs. Lum and Mrs. Pita for making this experience possible for our students!!

Oct 30, 2017