Poll: Corinth Voters Satisfied With Quality Of Schools

More than three-quarters of Corinth Central School voters surveyed during the annual school budget vote said they are satisfied with the quality of the schools.

The $21.864 million budget, which passed by a vote of 251 to 57 in May, carried a 2.76 percent tax levy increase.

The voluntary, anonymous survey asked voters a number of questions about their vote, and about the district in general. About 16 percent of voters completed the survey. Of those, nearly all were those who voted “yes” on the budget.

More than three-quarters of those who participated in the survey said they felt the tax levy increase of 2.76 percent was “about right.” Survey participants also indicated that they value programs such as classroom technology, college-level courses and a variety of elective courses at the high school.

More than 90 percent of those surveyed rated the educational program at Corinth as “good” or “excellent,” and more than half of those surveyed agreed that the Board of Education and district administrators are leading the district in the right direction.

We encourage all district residents to share their feedback, not just during the budget vote, but at any time. Contact your child’s building principal or the district office if there is something you would like to discuss.

Jun 07, 2018