Safe Route to School Parent Survey

Corinth CSD is kicking off a Safe Routes to School program to reduce barriers that may prevent our students from walking or biking to school.  We are asking parents to participate in a quick survey.

Safe Routes to School is an international movement focused on making streets safer for children to walk and bike to school. In the United States, Safe Routes to School was born out of a concern for the decline in the rates of students who walk or bike to school. Active commuting like biking or walking has many benefits, such as improved physical and mental health, gains in academic achievement from improved concentration, independence, and social connections.

With the Parent Survey, we are seeking your input regarding what may be preventing more students at Corinth CSD from walking or biking to school. In addition, we would welcome any parents, students, or other community members who would like to participate more fully in organizing our Safe Routes to School effort.   

Nov 18, 2019