Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Report

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Report

Corinth Elementary School teamed up with the Capital Region SNAPed program on the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement. The movement is dedicated to providing schools with the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed to build lunchroom environments that make healthy food choices the easy choice. 

The Movement brings evidence from the fields of economics, marketing, and psychology into the school cafeteria.  Smarter Lunchrooms strategies are free or low-cost solutions that nudge students to voluntarily select the healthiest food in the lunchroom.  Smarter Lunchrooms can see less waste, higher participation, more satisfied students, and increased consumption of important nutrient-rich foods.

During November Corinth Elementary School completed the Smarter Lunchroom Scorecard assessment.  Megan Latza from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Albany County, visited the elementary school to look for practices that encourage students to select, eat and enjoy school foods in the cafeteria. The cafeteria team excelled in many areas and identified fun and innovative ways to enhance the lunchroom atmosphere. 

Practices already in place:

Focus on Fruit and Veggies

  • Two kinds of fruit including whole and cut up are available
  • Two kinds of vegetables including both hot and cold are available
  • Taste tests are offered for new fruits and vegetables

Highlight the Salad

  • Pre packed salads are available

White Milk

  • White Milk is plentiful in beverage coolers

Boost reimbursable meals

  • Cafeteria staff politely prompt students who do not have a full reimbursable meal to select a fruit or vegetable
  • Combo meals offered as a grab and go meal

Lunchroom Atmosphere

  • Cafeteria staff smile and great students as they arrive
  • The lunchroom area is clean with no clutter or trash

Student involvement

  • Student artwork is displayed in the dining space

School involvement

  • Monthly Menu is posted in the main office and provided to student and families
  • School is participating in Farm to School
  • School Wellness policy includes strategies that promote healthy foods

Stay tuned for the information on the fun and innovative new strategies in the coming months.

Jan 13, 2020