Social Studies Students Enjoy Spring Break Trip

Corinth High School Social Studies Students and staff recently returned from a spring break trip to to England, Wales, and Ireland.

Students spent their time touring the cities and towns of London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bath, Caernarfon, and Dublin. Some of the sites students visited in London included the Tower Prison, The Globe Theater, as well as a theater production of Wicked in London’s West End. Students also visited the mysterious circle of Stonehenge, the birthplace of Shakespeare, and the Roman Baths.

Our students were also fortunate enough to participate in a cultural exchange in Caernarfon, where they visited families in their home to have a traditional Welsh dinner. Students had a wonderful time practicing Welsh phrases and learning about everyday life in Wales. The group also explored the Medieval fortress known as Caernarfon Castle which was built by Edward I of England during the 13th century.

The group then boarded a ferry to cross the Irish Sea and spent their last two days in Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin, our students enjoyed another cultural experience where they participated in Gaelic sporting events such hurling, Gaelic handball, and football. The trip was capped off with a traditional Irish song and dance night where we learned more about the culture and history of Ireland.

Kudos to Mrs. Lum and our staff chaperons for facilitating such a meaningful, authentic learning experience with sight-seeing, cultural exploration and hands-on learning, and a tip of the hat to our students who made us proud with their behavior as well.

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Apr 17, 2018