STEP: Friday Afternoon Coffee Cart

The STEP class is starting a new venture in the world of understanding retail. Every Friday during 8th period, students are operating a Coffee Cart which provides homemade snacks in the main offices for staff. The menu will vary depending upon on what the students make. This venture is helping them with understanding and learning many important life skills. 


Menus may change, but last week our menu was: 


Applesauce muffins made with homemade applesauce      $.50 per muffin

Apple Cake                                                                           $.75 per piece 

Trail Mix                                                                                $1.00 per bag

Water                                                                                    $.50 per bottle

Coffee                                                                                   $.50 per cup 


If you can't be the offices 8th period, please send me your order for snacks or water. We deliver it to you. ***Deliver is Free** 

Nov 01, 2017