Students show school spirit for Tomahawk Day

The Class of 2020 came out on top of the 13th Annual Tomahawk Day spirit competition, held May 20 at Corinth High School.

The day of fun, team-building activities pitted each high school class against each other to promote class and school spirit. Students competed in games and activities such as a frozen T-shirt content, towel ball sling, pins and rims, Bingo, UNO, pillow polo and Pictionary to earn points for the class.

The Junior Class took first place and won by 10 points. Seniors came in second, followed by sophomores in third and freshmen in fourth place.

A big thank you to Mrs. Jensen for all of her hard work organizing this annual event!

Thanks to Mr. Testani and all faculty and staff for making another “Tommie Day” a success! 

May 20, 2019