Why is it Important to Honor Veterans Day

We thank each and every veteran for all that you have done to protect and serve our country.  We always look forward to honoring Veterans Day and all of the teachings we can share with our students on the importance of remembering this holiday. Below is just one of the many examples of how our teachers have worked hard to incorporate Veterans Day lessons into our curriculum. 

Fifth Grade Teacher, Mr. Brennan, posed the following question to his students: "Why is it important to honor Veteran's Day?" Below are two amazing responses from Caleb Landon and Heather Pita:  

Caleb- "Veteran's Day is important. How, You might ask? Well, some soldiers offer to go to the military but in the past it wasn't always that way. Our country would have never been independent like we are now if it wasn't for the sacrifices of soldiers. If I could I would like to thank ALL OF THE SOLDIERS!! Without them life as we know it may have been much different. We should celebrate Veterans Day because it is important to honor those who fought and died for this country."

Heather- "Veterans Day is to support Veterans and to thank them for what they have done for our country. I have a couple soldiers that I would like to thank. First, are my cousins Nicholas and Alex, they are both in the Navy. I would also like to thank my cousin Erica who is in the Marines. It's important to celebrate our veterans because they served our country and fought bravely for this country to be free. Some have even lost their lives and they all deserve to be celebrated."

Nov 10, 2020