Winter Safety Tips


It is the Corinth Central School District's goal to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for our students, staff and visitors. 

Due to the winter season approaching, we are asking everyone to take an active role in ensuring that you and your students and visitors enjoy the winter season injury free. Here are some tips to help prevent slips, trips and falls. 

  • Don't hurry when conditions are likely to be slippery. Make sure you have  plenty of time to reach your destination. 
  • Wear slip resistant footwear appropriate for weather conditions. Leathered soled shoes or high heeled shoes are especially hazardous in the winter. You should change into these shoe types after you have reached your destination (classroom, office, etc.). 
  • Practice good housekeeping habits. Clean up small spills immediately. Identify bigger ones while you advise maintenance/ custodial staff of the condition. 
  • Check the bottom of your feet every time you enter a building and clean off the accumulated snow and ice using entrance walk off mats. 
  • Anticipate hazards as you are walking. If you approach a corner, slow your pace to change your direction of travel. If you think a surface is slippery, use short sure steps instead of longer strides. 
  • Utilize railings when ascending or descending stairs. 
  • When getting in and out of vehicles, always keep at least one hand on the handle or grab bar to stabilize yourself if you begin to slip. 
  • Report snow, icy or wet conditions as soon as possible to your supervisor or manager so building maintenance / custodial staff can address them in a timely manner. 


Nov 15, 2019