Scholarships & Awards (Juniors & Seniors)

Scholarships & Awards

The following scholarships and awards may vary from year to year based on availability. Included under each award is a list of the criteria taken into consideration when selecting a student recipient. The recipient of these awards is announced at Student Recognition Day in May. 

Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award - University of Rochester (Juniors)

  • high achievement and rigorous science courses
  • high PSAT Math, SAT Math and/or ACT Math/Science scores
  • positively contributes to his/her school and local communities

Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award (Juniors)

  • commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues
  • rigorous courses in the field of humanities and social sciences
  • service to his/her community and dedication toward community action

George Eastman Young Leaders Award - University of Rochester (Juniors)

  • leadership experiences in the school and local communities
  • excels in challenging courses
  • demonstrates an extensive involvement in extracurricular activities

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology - University of Rochester (Juniors)

  • demonstrates a strong interest and achievement in innovation and/or information technology
  • exposure to new technologies outside of school
  • demonstrate leadership skills and assist others with finding new approaches to old problems

Elmira College Key Award (Juniors)

  • top 10% of class
  • 90 GPA in academic courses/Regents exams
  • outstanding school and community leadership

Saint Michael's College Book Award (Juniors)

  • demonstrate academic success
  • show a commitment to social justice
  • be a leader within the school community

Clarkson University Leadership & Achievement Awards (Juniors)

  • demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities
  • show positive contributions to school and local communities
  • achieve an academic rank in the top 15% of class

RIT Computing Medal (Juniors)

  • rank in the top 10% of class
  • show leadership skills within the school and local community
  • demonstrate an interest and ability in computing

RIT Innovation & Creativity Medal (Juniors)

  • be ranked in the top 10% of class
  • be a leader within the school and local community
  • demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurship and have an interest in computing

LeMoyne College Heights Award (Juniors)

  • have a 90 average in a regents/college prep/honors program
  • be ranked in the top 10% of class
  • high PSAT/SAT scores 
  • contribute significantly to the school and local community

Rensselaer Medal (Juniors)

  • outstanding achievement in math and science
  • high PSAT/SAT scores
  • involvement in community service activities

Society of Women Engineers

  • demonstrate achievement in math, science, and/or technology
  • outstanding character

Sage Colleges Student Sage Award

  • demonstrate leadership and academic success
  • rank in the top 25% of class

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award

  • have a 90 average in academic coursework
  • be a leader within the school and local community

Lawrence Technological University Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics

  • successful completion of chemistry or physics, along with two years of college prep mathematics
  • be an active member of the school and local community

University at Albany Multicultural High School Achievers Award Program

  • have outstanding academic, school, and community leadership skills
  • must be African American, Latino(a), Asian American, or Native American

UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship

  • based on merit and need
  • special consideration for applicants who have been affected by EEOICPA and/or have had a loved one who was negatively impacted as a US energy worker.