School Board Meetings

Our next Board of Education Meeting will be on May 17, 2022, following our school budget vote at 8:30pm. The purpose of this meeting is to accept and announce the budget vote results.

Meeting link: https://corinthcsd.webex.com/corinthcsd/j.php?MTID=m988f6595173722f5d6eed4b11d385c52 
Meeting number: 2307 820 4990
Password: aVMtr9mAe53 (28687962 from video systems)



Join by phone

+1-415-655-0001 US Toll

Access code: 23

Join by video system

Dial 23078204990@corinthcsd.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.




School Board meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Bus Garage Conference Room. The agenda for the BOE meeting will be posted on the website the Friday before each meeting. 

The Board President presides at each meeting and the district clerk records official actions of the Board. The Superintendent of Schools, the Business Administrator, and building principals are also in attendance.

The Corinth Central School District Board of Education welcomes residents, staff and students to its meetings. We appreciate your interest in our schools. Regular board meeting dates are published in the District calendar and in the official school newspaper. Also, these dates are posted in school buildings, but occasionally, it is necessary to change a date or call a special meeting and therefore, contact the District Clerk at 654-9005 for the most up-to-date information.

Meeting Outline

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge to Flag
  • Open Forum for Public Participation
  • Business Agenda - District Business Administrator
  • Educational Items - Superintendent of Schools
  • Board Committee Reports
  • Information Items
  • Adjournment

Executive Sessions - may be scheduled to discuss personnel matters, labor negotiations and other matters which are confidential as defined by the Open Meeting Law of the State of New York. Executive Sessions are called for by the Board President and are closed to the public. However, the Board is not permitted to vote on the passage of any resolution while it sits in Executive Session.

Copies of the agenda are made available to the public. Agendas and supporting documents are distributed to Board members in advance to allow the Board to study and review all the information. During regular meetings, it sometimes appears as if items are being acted upon with little or not discussion, but usually this material has appeared on previous agendas or Board members received documentation that allows them to make appropriate decisions.

Public Comments
The Board President conducts the meeting and may change the order of the agenda if needed. The President may call upon the Superintendent or other staff members for reports and information or recognize others in the audience who wish to comment. There is a time toward the beginning of the Board meeting for audience participation. Individuals may address the Board on agenda items only. Speakers will be recognized by the Board President at the time they are to speak.

Each speaker has a maximum of three minutes and may not transfer their time to another speaker. No more than 30 minutes is allowed for a single subject except with the unanimous consent of the Board. The Board President may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it is too lengthy, personally directed, irrelevant, or abusive. The Board as a whole has the final decision on such matters.

Complaints concerning District employees or other individuals may not be addressed orally at the meeting. Such complaints must be signed and presented to the Board in writing. Executive sessions may then be granted for a hearing. Questions or concerns about instructional practices or materials should be directed to the Superintendent for appropriate referral.